Thursday, January 19, 2006

These damn schedules again...

Even though I am loaded with work at the moment, the moment I see schedules, shambles, BCCI, ICC and more shambles all rolled in the space of a hours, my eyes light up.

Why do we keep going around in circles as far as this scheduling is concerned. How difficult can it be to get 10 nations to play each other on a consistent basis?

Frankly, any sensible person could spend a weekend and come up with something more sensible that what the ICC and the various boards will ever come up with. After all, its not rocket science.
But I said "sensible"…

Anyway, just to prove a point, I spent all of 10 minutes (in the middle of a very busy morning) and came up with this simple schedule for India that takes into consideration what India want (i.e. play more against Australia , England and Pakistan ) without upsetting the ICC Test Cycle.

(click on image to enlarge)

And in those 10 minutes, I also had time to colour code this damn thing!

I now things are not as simplistic, but I also feel that there is nothing that cannot be achieved by sitting down on a table and discussing things.

Just make sure you have a laptop with Microsoft Excel loaded on it...


Ashok Karanth said...

Great stuff Saurabh - it is quite amazing what you are doing with stats on your blog - which I have been reading quite often recently.

I agree that it is quite simple to work it out ON PAPER- it is definitely not rocket science.However, when you look at constraints like
(a) Traditional home seasons - like Aus during Dec/Jan, Eng during June-Aug/Sep, India - Sep-Dec
(b) Weather conditions (cant play in Eng now, cant play in Aus/Ind/Pak/SA in June-Aug)
(c) most importantly willingness to play - India simply doesnot want to play Zim and Bang at home, and nor do any of the other teams want to host them.

Finally, when each of the 10 teams have tables like the one you have and then you try and merge them, things get tricky. OF course, nothing Excel can't solve - if the men wielding the laptops want to:-)

Saurabh Wahi said...

Ashok, glad you liked my blog.

Well, check this previous post.

This links back to articles on rediff I wrote 4 years ago where I chalked out a sample schedule for all 10 countries on an Excel speadsheet.

So, yes it does get tricky, but not impossible :-)

Gopalblog said...


Your spreadsheet does seem simple. I would flip SL and RSA though. I prefer playing RSA every two years rather than three.

Saurabh Wahi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

U R Spreadsheet is too simplistic. It does not take into account weather conditions (Pakistanis not want to play us at certain times of the year), other stuff like 3 day tour matches and the scope of tournaments whether it will be tri-nation, four-nation etc. What about the international tournaments that BCCI wants to play in the middle-east, canada, usa etc. The more variables we start adding, the more complex it becomes. AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, these are bilateral agreements, not multi-lateral agreements where all the 10 countries sit together and decide at the same time. So once an agreement is struck with one country, it reduces our flexibility in negotiating with another country.

saurabh wahi said...

anon, I am sorry if you are missing the point.

Yes, this spreasheet is simplistic, and yes scheduling is a complex process.

But its not rocket science like the way the ICC, BCCI and other make it sound.

We are talking of a multi-million dollar industry here, not some mom and pop shop.

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