Sunday, January 01, 2006

Catch me if you can...

For a few years now, the rest of the cricketing world has been trying to catch-up with the Aussies. One of the (many) areas the Aussies have been ahead of the others is in scoring hugh first innings totals and that to an an alarming run-rate.

So, how do the other countries compare with the Aussies, and is the gap finally closing?

Here is the comparision of Run rates and Average runs per wicket (by year) between the Aussies and their opposition (in head to head games).

I know there is the Ashes factor in 2005 but can we hope to see the gap closing further in 2006?

Another vital stat to look out for this year...

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Nagraj said...

the gap might close in coming year but there seems to be no serious threat to Australias no.1 from any other teams,atleast in this year.Australia might dominate both versions of the game in 2006 as well.