Monday, August 15, 2005

India-Centuries in 4th innings

S Mushtaq Ali 106 WI 1948/49 Kolkata DRAW
VS Hazare 122 WI 1948/49 Mumbai (BS) DRAW
AA Baig 112 Eng 1959 Manchester LOST
PR Umrigar 118 Eng 1959 Manchester LOST
ML Jaisimha 101 Aus 1967/68 Brisbane LOST
SM Gavaskar 117* WI 1970/71 Bridgetown DRAW
SM Gavaskar 102 WI 1975/76 Port of Spain WON
GR Viswanath 112 WI (Same game as above)
SM Gavaskar 113 Aus 1977/78 Brisbane LOST
SM Gavaskar 221 Eng 1979 The Oval DRAW
DB Vengsarkar 146* Pak 1979/80 Delhi DRAW
SV Manjrekar 113* Pak 1989/90 Karachi DRAW
SR Tendulkar 119* Eng 1990 Manchester DRAW
*M Azharuddin 106 Aus 1991/92 Adelaide LOST
M Azharuddin 108* SL 1997 Colombo (SSC) DRAW
R Dravid 103* NZ 1998/99 Hamilton DRAW
SC Ganguly 101* NZ (Same game as above)
SR Tendulkar 136 Pak 1998/99 Chennai LOST
AB Agarkar 109* Eng 2002 Lord's LOST


Tiger said...

Is Gavaskar is the one with most 4th innings hundered among just Indians or worldwide?

Saurabh Wahi said...

Tiger, I will have to dig this one out but it might take me a couple of days

H Natarajan said...

Interesting stats. Just two batsman scoring 4th innings hundreds in a Test match won!

RV said...

In the 1967/68 match against Aus where Jaisimha scored a century, India lost. You have mistakenly marked that as the draw.

Great site, btw.

R.V. Subramanyan

Saurabh Wahi said...

Thanks Rv for pointing it out....

Anonymous said...

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