Friday, January 20, 2006

The Lahore Fiaso...

First spare a thought for the television companies who paid millions for the rights to telecast the Test match. Then a passing thought for millions of fans who wasted their time watching a meaningless sporting contest, and more importantly, the players who took part in one.

And finally, a casual thought for the curator and Inzaman who are getting their share of blame for this pitch.

And what about the greedy morons (BCCI, PCB, etc) who decided that it would be a great idea to schedule a Test in Lahore in January?

If they lacked local knowlegde of the weather, maybe they should have checked the dates when Tests have been scheduled in Lahore in the past...

(click on image to enlarge).

For those of you wondering what happened to the only other Test Match that was played in January, check this. And yes, it was the poor Kiwis who decided that losing a Test match inside 3 days was better than sweating it out for 5 in the first week of May in the sub-continent.

Like I said before, scheduling Test matches is a science, but rocket science…


Freedom Fighter said...

As an American, I have zero understanding of cricket..could you give me a concise explanation of how the game's played? Or recomend a site?


Anonymous said...

Nice to know. Check out or link

Anonymous said...

I am assuming this graph is a summary over all tests played in Lahore. Would have been nice to know some dates -- ????-2005. How many one days during this Oct 1 - May 15 interval?

Saurabh Wahi said...

hi freedon fighter,

As recommended above, you can check out

However, if you are looking for some basic understaning of the game, this is a good start

Anonymous said...

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