Saturday, November 19, 2005

Can SA Defend 169 Today

Look at these stats and judge for yourself...

(All these stats are for Games that have been 45 oer or more and excludes No-results)

1. In only 20 out 300 games has a team defended a total of less than 170 in a Game.

2. South Africa has done it thrice:
Against WI in 92/93, Capetown (SA 140, WI - 136 all out)
Against Eng in 95/96, East London (SA 129, Eng 115 all out)
Against England in 2000, Joh'brg (SA 149, Eng 111 all out)

3. In India, the only time it has happened was when Kenya defeated WI in the 1996 world cup (Kenya 166, WI 93 all out) .

4. The lowest total India failed to chase in India was against WI in 1987/88 in Guwahati (It was a 45 over game) (WI 187 in 45 overs, Ind: 135 all out)

5. The Lowest Total SA have defended in India was 214 against SL in 1993/94 in Guwahati (SL 136 all out)

6. The Lowest Total SA have defended against India (in India) was 249 in 1996/97 in Jaipur (India ended on 222/7)

7. The lowest Total SA have defended against India (home and away) is 235 in Kenya in 1999/00 (India finished on 209/10)

8. Average First Innings score at Bangalore is 255!

9. The lowest total defended in Bangalore is by England in 1993 (Eng 218/9 in 47 overs, India 170 all out)