Thursday, December 29, 2005

SRT Vs SG (again)

I know its a few days old, but I came across this article by Ashok Mitra in the Telegraph, so couldn't resist.

(click on image to view)

Now if only someone could point Mr Mitra to this blog so he can shut up, once and for all. In case he still misses the point (or the lines), SG's Average since the World cup excluding the Minnows is 27.08 (as opposed to SRT 42.31). Or in other words he has scored 1083 runs in 40 completed innings compared to Sachins 1,777 in 42 (again excluding the minnows). And no, his stats including the minnows dont get any better either....


Dhandapani said...

I was wondering whether NDTV will show this graph? Good stats man, shows clearly what ever the talks goes on about different yardsticks, this will show some light on their ignorance.


Anonymous said...

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